I specialise in making flutes and didgeridoos from bamboo, finished with individually burnt or painted designs ranging in price from £30 to £100.

My bamboo flutes are perfectly tuned and can be ordered in any key, with either the traditional 6 holed finger system of Irish and Chinese flutes, or the 7 holed system based on the classical flute and recorder.

Good bamboo flutes have been greatly revered by eastern flute players for centuries and are now widely recognised by western flute players and Irish/Folk flautists as having a rich, resonant, responsive sound. The bamboo I use is specially selected, high quality Tonkin and Moso bamboo from China and Indonesia.

Amongst the Irish flutes my Low D and High D flutes are the most popular with folk musicians and Irish style flute players, with my G, F and C flutes being very sought after also. I can make them in any key you wish however. We now make low Bb and low A Irish flutes, both having a big. low, haunting, mellow sound.

My bamboo didgeridoos come in a wide range of sizes and like my flutes, can be ordered with a hand burnt or unique painted finish. My didgeridoos are based on the design of the traditional Australian didgeridoo but bamboo tends to be slightly easier to play than a hardwood didgeridoo as it has a more immediate response because of the natural resonance of bamboo. It is now acknowledged that the original didgeridoos were made of indigenous  bamboo that grows in abundance in Northern Australia where didgeridoos first came from. Indeed several northern tribes have the same word for didgeridoo and bamboo.

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